Preview of Coming Attractions

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything new in so long. My new job is really eating up my time. However, in the middle of stressing about middle-schoolers and curriculum and administrators and copy codes and finding internet access I’ve had some potential posts marinating in my brain (I know, eww). So here are some things you can look forward to:

1. A new Angel Investigations post on (I believe) The Bachelor Party. w00t Doyle shenanigans

2. The next piece of my thesis- this time on Buffy and Angel

3. Something on Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Possibly on time travel as a character development strategy

4. I’m hoping to do some sort of lead up to the Deathly Hallows Part 1 movie, so expect some Potter content.

I’ll try to get at least one thing up before the weekend. 🙂

~ by ntertanedangel on September 2, 2010.

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