Angel Investigations: Rm w/ a vu

I am still alive, believe it or not, although at the rate I’m going I’ll probably have died of old age before I get through the series. Nevertheless, I am plowing onward with the next episode: Rm w/ a vu.

First of all, I find it incredibly ironic (and a little sad) that this episode opens with a demonstration of the fact that Cordelia can’t act, when it also features what may be Charisma Carpenter’s worst performance. Don’t get me wrong, I love Charisma and I think she’s given some spectacular performances, but…. this ain’t one of them. Cordelia was more over-the-top than usual, and she had an entirely unconvincing (and out of character, but we’ll get to that) cry-fest which she gets over almost instantaneously. What?

Perhaps my gripe about the acting is merely an extension of my gripe about how Cordelia is portrayed in this episode. Suddenly Cordelia has developed a guilt complex? Suddenly she’s susceptible to bullies? I like that they are addressing the way that her character has gone from “riches to rags,” and I like that they are touching on the way poverty can affect self-esteem, but neither problem was sufficiently developed, and they were dealt with in such a way that contradicts what we already know about Cordelia, and so they didn’t feel like they fit. It felt more like a throwaway: “Well, we might as well get this issue out of the way so we can focus on something else.” Not cool.

The weird thing is, the episode itself seems to be pointing out how out-of-character she is acting: “You’re Cordelia Chase. Are you going to let her do this do you?… You’re the biggest pain I’ve ever seen”; “I’m not a snivelling whiny little cry-Buffy. I’m the meanest girl in Sunnydale history” (Props for using the phrase “Cry-Buffy,” by the way). Perhaps the ghost has supernatural self-esteem-sucking powers, but then that doesn’t explain why Cordy is able to get over it so quickly.

I’m also not sure what to make of Cordy’s confidence returning when she is reminded of her bitch (her word, not mine!) status, since her guilt about being one is what started this whole thing. Sigh. I guess I just feel like Cordelia was woefully mishandled in this episode, and it kind of killed the whole thing for me. Partially because I love Cordy so much.

But on to happier topics: PHANTOM DENNIS! I don’t have much to say about him here, since he doesn’t do much, but I love Dennis. He makes me happy. Introducing Dennis almost makes up for the Cordytastic mess.

More vaguely sinister references to Doyle’s past, and not enough explanations of it. I’m surprised that Angel, detective that he is, hasn’t looked Doyle up already. Maybe he’s respecting his privacy, but he’s not generally this trusting. Hmm.

Other Random Thoughts:

~For such a “player,” Doyle sucks at negotiating. Does he really think quoting credit card commercials is going to get him off the hook?

~I think it’s hysterical that Angel listens to Classical music in the shower.

~What in the world is Cordy doing that to the linoleum for? Surely they could have come up with a more plausible reason for her to be a pain in the butt at Angel’s place.

~ Yet more evidence that Angel is smart: he not only picked up on Doyle’s problem, but knew how to get Doyle to spill.

~ Every time I see the ghost, I can’t help thinking about Donnie Darko because the same actress plays the gym teacher in it

~Ghosts have Terminator-esque voice imitation skills. Weird.

~ by ntertanedangel on July 10, 2010.

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